...because music is a must!

We will help to kick-start your emotions and really get to the heart of the message.

Typical mob:
An authentic song, condensed into a limited time frame.

You want people on the edges of their seats?
Acceleration or deceleration?
Indie or mainstream?
Orchestra or Kazoo?

We've been doing this for many years but we're still dying to get into the studio everyday to create and discover something new, be it on our own or in combination with innovative and talented artists.

Of course:
Every project is treated with the same passion, whether it's for the big screen or small.
Technical quality and reliability - not a problem.

Gema for online? - don't worry we'll advise you with our reliable expertise.
We are there for you.

...and if the budget is too tight for custom work, we also have one or two little treasures in our archive that may be of interest.



+49-40-32 50 89 89


Eimsbütteler Str. 63
22769 Hamburg/Germany

Eimsbuetteler Str. 63 • 22769 Hamburg / Germany